About this Course

Course Convenor: Katherine Moline | Lecturers: Lauren Vassallo & Ian McArthur
Office: GG10 | Phone: (02) 9385 0644
Email: l.vassallo@unsw.edu.au | ian.mcarthur@unsw.edu.au
3 Hours per week | Units of credit: 6

This course explores cultural, historical and practical aspects of typographic and publication design. As the complexity of publication design has increased with the integration of information in a greater range of contexts, the designers role has changed significantly. Students explore the emerging relationships between typography, publication design and technology. Books and online publications in print and screen media are developed to gain an advanced understanding of dynamic typography, page and screen architecture and information layout.

Advanced Typography and Publication Design includes a weekly one-hour lecture. In the preliminary stages of the course this is integrated into the Letterpress Studio and Project 1. Lectures for this course are offered online from week 5 with an accompanying Studio Research Task, a two hour studio and self directed study. Lectures include presentations of conceptual and practical approaches to a range of graphic design practices. The studio activities include Studio Research Tasks that support your project development.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course it is expected that you will be able to:

Describe a range of historical and contemporary approaches to typography and publication design

Demonstrate understanding of visual hierarchy for designs in both print and screen contexts

Experiment with conventions and innovation in print and screen publication design using advanced typographic structures

Discuss cultural associations communicated by typographic treatments

Develop innovative typographic and publication concepts that address current issues

Specify dimensions of a Rapid Prototype letterform and design style-guides and reproduction processes for online publication design

Design outcomes that address a deadline, budget, and the needs of an identified audience

Work collaboratively in groups for print and online publication production

Prepare and present prototypes of typographic and publication designs at an advanced level

Course Documents (on Google Docs):
Course Design Briefs
Course Outline

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