Monday, October 17, 2011

New Trends and Future of Print

There are never-ending new trends that always appear and evolve in the publishing industry. And i believe with designers keeping up with these trends, it allows them to open up a new creative field to each design that gets published. Digital technologies have been a big trendy medium for recent published media as well as contemporary designs, which has slowly transformed some of the audiences way of viewing the material.

This starts to lead onto the question if there will be an end to print or not, in which i believe the answer is no. Physically holding a piece of print to look at and read is still very preferred now a days, as it occurs to be a bit more direct and real compared to reading something off a digital screen. For example, ones artwork may be posted and shared amongst the world wide web; but it is a complete different experience to view it in an exhibition or an art gallery. The physical experience is part of the process in viewing and perceiving.

Also, news are currently available on printed newspaper as well as freely viewable on the net. But many still choose to buy the paper to read the news, and i believe that reading a certain incident off the newspaper is much more influencial and gives a greater impact to the audience rather than being notified off a screen.

Furthermore, not everyone can afford digital technology, for example, not everyone has a 3G Ipad to read the news on the train, or even a computer in some poorer countries. Let alone the poor economy at the moment, digital technology is a pricey new medium for publishing and is only slowly engaging into our lifestyles.

There are many more features and issues to discuss, but in my perspective, i believe print media still has its value and should continue to present itself in the future society.

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