Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tibor Kalman & Karen Kavett --[Louis.04]

Tibor Kalman (July 6, 1949–May 2, 1999)

“Good designers make trouble“

He started Colour magazine and lead the publication to global recognition as editor-in-chief.

In 1993 he moved from New York to Rome, left everything behind, to concentrate fully on his magazine Colors. Colors was about “the rest of the world” which, as we all know is a very vast subject and I think it was a good move of Tibor to quit everything else because otherwise he’d burn himself out. (he did die six years after he left New York, but I don’t reckon there was any major connection. I do know that he got a quite beautiful note from the Staff of the Creative Time saying “As we say our sad good-byes and send our condolences to Maira, Lulu and Alex, we anticipate seeing some interesting cloud formations, better groupings of constellations and possibly a longer spring. Thank you Tibor, the pleasure was ours.” The New York Times, 6 May, 1999.

Today the influence of M&Co is still strong, both as a result of its work and that of the many designers, like Stefan Sagmeister, Stephen Doyle, Alexander Isley, Scott Stowell, and Emily Oberman, who worked there and went on to start their own design studios in New York City. Howard Milton and Jay Smith who worked with Kalman in 1979 went on to found Smith & Milton in London.

Karen Kavett (younger that me)
Digital Nerd Fighter/Youtube Curator

On the other hand ,Ms Karen Kavett, self proclaimed nerd fighter, knows hell of a lot about typography, YOUTUBE employee (I learnt a lot from her videos I wonder why I bother going to uni-- jokes). This is a leading figure of the new generation designers that predominately publishes their works Digitally.

Not afraid to be herself, Kavett has gained a huge following on the internet, Twitter, Facebook, and having recently Curated youtube (as seen featured on the Homepage 1month ago) her presence on the web is soon becoming ubiquitous.

Her website was grid-in-ground sweet, and She made an awesome Inforgraphics for the special occasion of 10,000 followers that subscribers to her creative outputs distributed digitally, quickly and frequently.

That means, her work wouldn't become the likes of classic COLOUR covers that you could collect in a magazine shelf, but her designs are more conversational, current and probably the way of the future.

And did I mention she's younger that most of us in the Adv.Typo class?

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