Monday, October 3, 2011

Traditions and conventions in contemporary contexts.

”The Swiss Style can be defined as an authentic pursue for simplicity – the beauty in the underlines of a purpose, not beauty as a purpose in itself.”

The Swiss style is based on grids, with design elements being strong geometric shapes. Some will say that it is been used too much, but I still find its simplicity striking.

One of the Swiss styles most used font is Helvetica.

“I don’t think that type should be expressive at all. I can write the word ‘dog’ with any typeface and it doesn’t have to look like a dog. But there are people that [think that] when they write ‘dog’ it should bark.”

Massimo Vignelli in the documentary Helvetica.

By designing in a Swiss style way, you will have rules and guidelines to follow. They are there for a reason. I am not against breaking the rules, but knowing witch rules you break and which effect you want is crucial.

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