Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Print Publication --[Louis.06]

Having read the other posts whether dismissive or optomistic about the future of print publishing, I'm not surprised to recognise perspectives that are voiced repeatedly out there.

Good Old library VS
Cloud information data base 

Even though some web base publications are putting out hard copies, it nolonger bares the core duties of a conventional magazine. It looks more like a collectible archive that you can have access to during a power outage....

Print media will eventually phase out as a major carrier of information.

The trend of its delivery is leaning more and more towards digitalised multimedia which offers a more dynamic mix of

Literature, sound, still visuals, moving-pictures, intractive elements like java script
and hot-links that interlace relevant information.

I think alot of people saw this coming. The library terminal, bookless library
even our own UNSW library offers Sirius e-journals that's much more current whilst maintained the creditbility of a published hard copy.

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