Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Breaking the Rules --[Louis.03]

According to the creator, this dps was put together within an hour. By been aware of widely applied rules such as rule of the thirds, balance negative space and a clear focus, one can quickly formulate a spread that's instinctive in hierarchy and sound in structure

but if you've read the lecture: it isn't over until it "sings". Grids are rules, but rules do not have to be rigid and formulative. Angled grids lead your eyes with exciting moments around the page.

before your brain make sense of the words, you see shapes the paragraph made in relation to its surrounding. Without reading a word, you already gotten a rough idea of what the article is about.

Another example showcases this by making shape with text blocks that closely derived from the background image. See on the right page. The photograph used utilizes the triangle to create "stress" and dynamics within the image, and thus the over all feel of the lay out.  The focal point at the end of the street in relative to the store creates a triangle shape that focuses your attention into the street.

text block fits into the space of the building and is aligned to the vanishing point. Not only did it give perspective and a 3rd dimension unlike the normal 2D flat layouts, it breathe personality into the page, and the text integrated into conveying the same feeling, tone and message that it was meant to deliver.

Not unlike the Carson example from Chris, it now sings.  


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