Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Trends

I’m not sure if I am ready to say that it is the end of print. Yes, I am aware that there are new technologies that are rapidly growing, which are creating a digital format that makes it cheaper and in many cases easier to access than through printed format. However, this may not necessarily be a bad thing. The trend towards the latest technologies that has swept the world, I think, has to some extent triggered the everyday person’s interest into exploring new things and ideas that would not normally come to their attention. The ease and immediacy of the internet makes information and material accessed by so many, and people come across random things they may have never known about otherwise – for example the power that lies behind typographic design. Blogs, for example, are in no way an exclusive medium to share interests and its surprising how knowledge and awareness is spread through something as simple as an online diary. Its free, its visual and the personal nature makes it all easier to relate to and comprehend – even if it is simply just a graphic poster that someone found “cool”.

Additionally, there are people out there that still have that real passion and drive for the printed medium for publication and design. Ie. The Distillery print shop that my group are focusing on for the online publication project. The team there is an absolute perfect example of people who have an unending love for the tangible forms of publishing. They see the gap that lies within Sydney community and its diminishing enthusiasm/interest in print, and so are taking big steps to bring it back. Their way of doing so is driving and working their asses off to produce designs and outcomes that are so outstanding that it actually makes people stop and look. Their use of the old school printing methods to create contemporary beautiful designs is genius. This is something that I hope takes off the way they intend, when you see it you will instantly back it. They ultimately show you not to underestimate the power behind print. So no, its not the end yet.

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