Saturday, October 1, 2011

Herbert Bayer + Ray Larabie

Herbert Bayer (April 5, 1900 – September 30, 1985), was an Austrian creative artist, gifted in various fields from painting, photography, architecture to typography. He studied at Bauhaus in his early 20's and was appointed director of printing and advertising after his final examination. Bayer developed a Universal typeface which was designed using all lowercase and sans serif letters, but this only existed as a design as it was never casted into real type. This design had demonstrated quite a unique element towards typeface design, with this technique of using all lowercase. It has opened up a large field for future designers to consider when creating new typefaces.

Ray Larabie (born 1970) is a Canadian type designer, who started sharing his works over the internet in 1996. Especially his designs in his personal typefaces, LarabieFonts.

With the use of technology, Larabie was able to digitally create his types, manipulating them in all sorts of ways. But most importantly, he was able to conveniently share his design via the world wide web. He has demonstrated a contemporary method to create and share typographic designs. Compared to Bayer, who was unable to physically create the Universal type design, as well as being disadvantaged to the technology Larabie now has to share so fast and conveniently.

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