Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hi all. Welcome to Week 11!

There are few very important items to ensure you are up to speed on this week.

Our Current Project
BASECAMP looks good. I've joined as well (I still need to sort out some bugs with my log in). I think it will provide a good platform to collaborate in. Well done.

I have also seen some of the early page layouts/grids and I think that the project is looking very promising. It's quite exciting to see such vibrant work being done by the group.

3D Printing
There have been some ongoing problems with the 3D printer and other jobs being printed. With our work Hayden delayed the printing as very few of you had filled out the form. Lauren indicated that most of you have now filled out the form which is great. However, Hayden has also found a number of problems with some files mainly regarding files being too small to print. He will email me a list of problem files on Thursday. I will email this on to everyone or post it to the Basecamp space if I can sort myself out there :).

Although I am confident that we will get some kind of result from the 3D process I was very pleased to see the group already preparing for a backup plan when I was in the studio this morning. Smart thinking again.

This Week's Lecture
Our topic this week revolves around the crucial issue of File Preparation. The lecture focusses on print publishing quite clearly but the inference is that your responsibility in preparing your files correctly applies to all deliverables regardless of whether they are print or screen-based outputs. I can't stress how important this aspect of practice is and the lecture discusses this in a fair amount of detail. Still of course there is not the scope to cover everything so the Discussion Topic for this week is asking you to investigate an area you feel you need to develop your skills in - as follows:

Discussion Point: The digital desktop has shifted the responsibility of preparing artwork for reproduction to the designer. Identify an area of file preparation you need to learn more about and provide an overview (200 word max) of the process and its significance. Post your response to the Studio Blog.

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