Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 Hi everyone. The semester is almost gone amazingly - it's gone so quickly!

Today I am posting the final lecture and discussion points for the online component of the course. I hope that will give everyone the breathign space to keep up their involvement in the development of the online publication that is Project 2 and also tidy up all the loose ends on the blog. If you need to make some final posts take advantage of the remaining time to ensure you don't miss out on the marks attributable to the online component of the course. Therefore I would liek to suggest the final date for uploading posts and other online discussion material will be Wednesday 19 24:00 - that's next week.

The final lecture of the course is about new trends in publishing...

This final lecture considers all that we’ve covered in the course in the context of current trends that suggest the shape of publishing in the future. The term ‘trend’ itself has long been used as a somewhat derogatory descriptor associated with those who might otherwise be called "early adopters. Reflecting the nature of the content, the lecture is a series of examples, small ‘chunks’ of information and observations assembled from the ever shifting plethora of information, speculation and hyperbole available on the topic of how the publishing industry, the design industry and all other industries are being changed by the rapid evolutions of new technologies...perhaps Marshall McLuhan got it right when he said that human beings are simply the sex organs of technology.  

The Current Project
I haven't been advised this week of the status of the 3D Printing. The process depends on students submitting the form to enable the printing to be done by Hayden. I will check in and post about any issues and updates this week.

Regardless of the outcome of the 3D printing I think that Lauren and I are very confident that the project is progfressing very well. As I expressed last week from what I've seen to date I think that this semester we will have a very high quality publication.

I'm still having trouble with my Basecamp login ...

Check out the lecture and posts your discussion points and have a great week.

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