Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The future of print...

Like others I'm also intrigued by the rise of the iPad and Kindle, and as a result of these what could be in store for the future of books in particular.

I've heard a lot of interesting arguments for those against reading books digitally. I think because it's something we have become so used to, that Kindle and friends could not be able to completely take over. Some people might prefer the tactile quality of holding a book, or the idea of turning pages (although digital technologies can simulate this, much like the idea of a digital camera shutter noise). I've even heard someone say that reading digitally "is not natural" and well…is reading even natural?

It is impossible to fathom a world without print, yet many forms have already been overshadowed. Email and SMS have very much phased out the writing of letters. We have of course also seen this in convenient ways, such as library catalogues stored on computers. And despite convenience of digital technologies, and of course the demise of Borders, it's still hard to say if books will ever get completely phased out, at least not in our lifetime.

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