Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Breaking the rules

Typography as we all know can be incredibly powerful, with the ability to elicit a reaction even before the meaning of the works have sunk in. I believe that it’s usually important to adhere to the most obvious conventions such as having using an appropriate typeface and not using too many typefaces in one design. In some cases, choosing a typeface that is difficult to read can be effecting, if used in the right place.

For example, David Carson creates near illegible typographic designs. These actually help to make the design, as it was put in the lecture, ‘sing’. They create a solid work of design alone, and without being read, already help to create a feeling for the work. David Carson gives an interesting talk on TED.com reflecting on his work, and the emotion it conveys. A personal favourite line from the talk by him, said when trying to read his own design, “I hate this stuff, it’s hard to read.”

So long as the typography is intelligently set, breaking from the grid can be quite effective, I believe sticking to the basic typographic rules helps to keep the work clear and legible. For example this website is still navigable - http://www.kutztown.edu/acad/commdes/

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