Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WEEK 13!

Hi everyone. Well we made it. Week 13 is here and so the semester comes to a close.

I've been emailed by Pricilla and Hanne to say that the web code will be ready soon to post up and I will put this up on my sites folder on the COFA server and we'll advertise the publication "The Pressing Issue" to everyone at COFA.

I'm sorry to have to report that the 3D printer has had a severe mishap. "A massive plastic spew!" in the words of Rod Bamford. Check the image below to see the mess. Therefore I think we can safely say that the experiment has failed from technical issues. It was wise to have developed the backup plan after all.

 "A massive plastic spew!" Rod Bamford

Be sure to go back through the course notes and make sure that you have uploaded responses to the blog for all the designated discussion points and tasks. This will ensure the best possible assessment outcome for each of you.

So, as the semester draws to a close it remains for me to congratulate you on working so consistently throughout the course - even when we faced problems with the 3D Printing. Well done everyone!

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